London Day Out With Kyle Wilson

A cold & sunny day out in London with Slam City Skates & Nike SB flow Kyle Wilson.

Words and photography: Maksim Kalanep

Kyle had college in the morning, so we met in the afternoon for a mellow skate/explore session. Since we were not too far from his local Mable Green & Daubeney Fields area where a couple of well-known spots are located - we decided to go there before we set off to Mile End.

On the way, we found an abandoned sofa which was not far off a street bump, so it was no brainer to try and skate that. After relocating the sofa Kyle did a couple of warm-up ollies and we moved on to reach our final destination. We did skate a bit at the old Daubeney Fields skatepark as well as paid a visit to Mabley Green spot under the bridge.

By the time we got to Mile End through Victoria Park & bus ride - it was already dark, but Kyle's friends were still there and ready for a quick burger dinner at the local cafe before heading off to Parlour skate store event that night.

We tried to do some evening/night city of London session but eventually were kicked out most of the spots we tried to go that night. 

Shot with Nikon F100 + Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G ED lens at f/2-2.8
Film Kodak T-Max 400 ISO pushed to 800 ISO
Developed with Kodak T-Max developer
Scanned with Nikon D810 + Nikon 60mm f/2.8 G ED lens at f/8