Red Bull 'Hold The Line' In London

'Hold The Line' or as previously known 'Bomb The Line' Red Bull organised event took place on the steps of the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London.


Photography: Maksim Kalanep

Red Bull invited a selection of riders from all around Europe and couple of extra guests to throw their best lines down the original steps of the world famous concert hall. Tommy Fynn, Thaynan Costa, Eniz Fazliov, Max Kruglov, Korahn Gayle, Denny Pham, Douwe Macare, Aurelien Giraud, Chris Pfanner, Ross McGouran and many more accepted the invitation and showed up during the last weekend of May in London.

To win you had to land all of your tricks in the line on 3 different obstacles, only the best line was to count. Max Kruglov was far in the lead after the semi-finals, but as the statistics show you very rarely win from the top spot in the finals. So Tommy Fynn with his 360 flip to lipslide on the rail & 360 flip noseslide on the hubba both in a line got him the win. Very consistent Douwe Macare was in second and Aurelien Giraud took home 3rd place.

Shot with Nikon D750 + Nikon 85mm f/1.8 G lens at f/2.8
Raw files processed in Adobe Photoshop CC Camera Raw