Raphaël Zarka 'Paving Space' In London

A selection of photographs from Raphaël Zarka's 'Paving Space' exhibition at the Protein Studios in London.


Photography: Maksim Kalanep

Raphaël Zarka's sculptures are based on work of 19th Century mathematician Arthur Moritz Schoenflies and can be ra-arranged in different ways to form unique skateable objects.

With the help of Isle Skateboards & Carhartt WIP Raphaël brought his skateable sculptures to London after they had been riden by Sylvain Tognelli, Chris Jones, Armand Vaucher, Jan Kliewer, Nick Jensen, Remy Taveira, Joseph Bias and, of course, Raphael himself in Paris, Poitiers & Singapore.

The exhibition was accompanied by Maxime Verret's photography & Dan Magee's film that documented the whole trip and the process behind.

Shot with Nikon F100Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G ED lens at f/2
Film Kodak T-Max 400 ISO pushed to 800 ISO
Developed with Kodak T-Max developer
Scanned with Nikon D810 + Nikon 60mm f/2.8 G ED lens at f/8