DC 'Special Delivery' Tour Stop In London With Madars Apse & Wes Kremer: Day 2

DC Shoes skate team visited London as part of their European 'Special Delivery' tour this year.


Photography: Maksim Kalanep

The team consisting of Madars Apse, Wes Kremer, Gosha Konyshev & Antony Lopez were in London at the end of May to skate some street spots, give out free shoes and launch 'Defy Convention: 20 Years of DC in photographs' exhibition at the Parlour skate store in Hackney. 

The team stayed in London for just two days, but they were very productive.

Day two was way more busy for the guys. Madars & Wes had some interviews scheduled in the morning with Free skate mag & Sidewalk mag. Once they were done - all the crew went to Mile End skatepark for a mini demo and free shoes giveaway. Parlour skate store made a custom metal picnic table for this occasion and those who landed any trick on it or other obstacles later got themselves a pair of new DC shoes. DC guys had so many shoes on their hands so that almost everyone got a pair. At the end there was a signing session and everyone was ready to go to Hackney for 'Defy Convention: 20 Years of DC in photographs' exhibition opening at Parlour skate store. It was great to see the iconic photographs by Mike Blabac printed and framed on the wall accompanied by the book.

The following morning Madars went back to Latvia, Gosha back to Russia and Wes on to the next destination.

Part 1 - Day 1 street skating
Part 2 - Day 2 interviews & Mile End skatepark session
Part 3 - Day 2 Defy Convention exhibition

Shot with Nikon D810

Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G ED lens at f/1.8-2
Nikon 85mm f/1.8 G lens at f/2.8

Raw files processed in Adobe Photoshop CC Camera Raw