'Defy Convention: 20 Years Of DC In Photographs' Exhibition In London

Thanks to DC 'Special Delivery Tour' & Parlour skate store Mike Blabac curated book 'Defy Convention: 20 years of DC in photographs' had its presentation accompanied by photography exhibition in London.


Photography: Maksim Kalanep

Selected photography by Mike Blabac was on the display on the opening night. DC riders Madars Apse, Wes Kremer, Gosha Konyshev and Antony Lopez were present as well. Everyone had a chance to go through the book and see a selection of the iconic photographs up close while sipping some beer.

Part 1 - Day 1 street skating
Part 2 - Day 2 interviews & Mile End skatepark session
Part 3 - Day 2 Defy Convention exhibition

Shot with Nikon D810 + Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G ED lens at f/1.8
Raw files processed in Adobe Photoshop CC Camera Raw